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On-Site Commercial Shredding

Whether you need consulting on your information destruction program or just looking to outsource a one time shredding job we have a custom solution for you. Every organization has  a different set of requirements and it is our job to match our service to what your organization needs. We perform all our shredding On-Site to give you the customer the added assurance that all documents and materials received have been thoroughly destroyed before we drive away.

At the completion of service your expertly trained technician will close out the job with your approval and will send electronically the final signed invoice on the spot. No more waiting and waiting for your invoice to come and then when it does the amount changed from driver to the final invoice. 

We believe in our service and and also in a simple fact that you should not be stuck with a vendor that you do not want around. With Diablo Paper Shredding we have Month to Month agreements that spell out what our obligations as the final data holder are but give you the flexibility to change vendors as your needs change.

Diablo Paper Shredding: The unloading process

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